Harris Lines up a shot for Robert Zemeckis' Netflix series MEDAL OF HONOR.



Harris Done is a Los Angeles based Director-Cameraman with extensive experience in both documentary and dramatic film production.  

His long collaboration with USC classmate and documentary director James Moll includes the 1999 Academy award-winning Feature Documentary The Last Days for executive producer Steven Spielberg.  They also teamed up on Running the SaharaPrice for PeaceFarmland, the Emmy award-winning Inheritancethe Grammy award-winning Foo Fighters: Back an Forth, the Hulu original, OBEY GIANT about the life of graphic artist Shepard Fairey, and the Netflix series Medal of Honor for executive producer Robert Zemeckis

He also photographed the cult classic documentary Trekkies, as well as From a whisper to a Roar,  Vows of Silence,  True Trans Above and Beyond, BOSTON and the HBO doc If you’re not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast.  He has filmed in over 40 countries throughout the world.

Harris Done has also co-written and directed the dramatic films Sand Trap, Storm, Firetrap and Purgatory Flats as well as the award-winning documentaries War Dogs of the Pacific and Always Faithful.